Tova’s Story

When my family fell apart, there was no one to pick up the pieces. About ten years ago, my parents got divorced. The warm and loving place I once called home suddenly disappeared, literally. After their divorce, both my parents refused to take me into their homes, leaving me broken, with nowhere to go. No words can describe the feeling of a child abandoned by her parents.

I felt so guilty about their divorce, and my self-esteem hit rock bottom. I had absolutely no one to turn to, but in the darkest of moments, I found the light. House of Hope welcomed me with open arms, and its dedicated staff worked tirelessly to make me feel loved. With their help, I regained my self-confidence, and since I felt loved, I started to love myself again.

Even when I ultimately leave this home (as I plan to study in a seminar), I know that I can still count on the support of the House of Hope and the incredible gift they gave me–the renewed belief in myself.