The house that brings hope

Thousands of kids in Israel simply cannot continue to live and grow up in their biological homes, for many reasons. Sometimes parents lack the ability to raise their children due to acute financial strain, severe mental incapacity or other health and behavioural issues. In many cases, these children have suffered severe physical and mental abuse throughout their ordeal.

Thousands of these girls and teens call ‘The House of Hope’ their home. In our bright and well-staffed premises, we provide them with all their needs- and much more. We provide them with comfortable accommodation amongst girls their age, food and clothing, professional care, comprehensive educational opportunity, health care, emotional and mental treatment, fostering personal relationships with our dedicated madrichot who are role models to the girls and much more.

House of Hope was founded in 1960 through the love and care of the late Rabbi of Sanz, the famed Rabbi Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam z’’l and is under the leadership of his son and successor, the current Rabbi of Sanz.

The Founding Father

Rabbi Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam z’’l – late Rabbi of Sanz

His successor and current leader

Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech Halberstam Shlit’’a Rabbi of Sanz

Founded in Love

The lingering pain of a child who has no home is unfathomable. The late Rabbi of Sanz, Rabbi Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam z’’l understood their pain. The Rabbi lost his wife and eleven children during the holocaust. The Rabbi already made it his life mission to care for orphans and vulnerable children still in Europe during the throes of the war.

After emigrating to Israel and founding Kiryat Sanz in Natanya, the Rabbi was approached by a forlorn father who was struggling to raise his three children, ready to leave them to fend on their own. The Rabbi, taking it as an omen from heaven, then and there, founded a home for children without a home. The Rabbi’s handiwork still proudly stands to this day having nurtured thousands of girls throughout the years. During the past two decades, we have massively expanded, providing a home for girls ages 6-18 from every background throughout the country.

Hope in numbers


Family centres, each room contains sleeping accommodation, a kitchen, a lunchroom, an elegant living room and a laundry room


Girls reside in the House of Hope centres where they receive the care and attention that they so desperately need


Years of work and activity around-the-clock, for the sake of future generations of girls in need


Girls from a variety of backgrounds were granted their lives back through the direct involvement of the House of Hope


Dedicated staff members of the House of Hope, who do everything to ensure that the utmost care is given to the girls