A life of stability, safety, and love is all she ever dreamt of…​

Help Israel’s at-risk girls realize their dreams with House of Hope. 

Will I be able to dream again?

Sarah arrived at House of Hope when she was 15 years old, marked by the painful memories of her parent’s bitter divorce. Neither wanted custody, leaving her to fall through the cracks and without a safe place to call home. Lost, scared, and broken to pieces, Sarah never thought she’d be able to trust, love, or dream again. 

As soon as Sarah arrived at House of Hope, she knew she had found a place she could call home. House of Hope provided Sarah with various educational, therapeutic, and recreational resources that enabled her to express herself and explore her interests. She attended school, participated in therapy, and engaged in various activities that helped her heal the wounds of her past and dare to dream of a future beyond House of Hope. With the continued support of the House of Hope community, Sarah was able to pursue her goals and make her dream a reality. 

House of Hope is more than just a home. 

In addition to providing Israel’s at-risk girls with a safe and nurturing environment, House of Hope helps each young woman gain the confidence and resilience necessary to follow their dreams. 


Ongoing support for independent living. 


Guidance and support from professionals. 


Academic support, college\career planning


Emotional support and trauma counseling 

Help Israel’s at-risk girls realize their dreams with House of Hope. 

Abuse, neglect, family dysfunction, and childhood trauma strip Israel’s at-risk girls of the opportunity to follow their dreams and fulfill their potential. With your support, House of Hope will provide these young women with the immediate and long-term support they need to realize their dreams of living a life of hope, happiness, and success. 

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