Comprehensive Schedule for 2022

A combined effort by our educational and professional teams:

Elul/ September Group acquaintance – getting to know each other

·         Who am I?-  Getting to know the uniqueness of ‘’me’’ from each pupil.

·         Activities to start the ‘’subject of the year’’

·         Me and the mirror- the importance to find oneself.

·         Personal map- detecting the strong and weak points traits by the girls.

·         Circles of Tsuva- An  evening of heartfelt song in preparation for the ‘’day of judgment’’ culminating in personal commitments.  

·         Selichot Journey- pivotal trip to Jerusalem to participate in selichot prayers

Tishri/October Me and my Creator

·         Lectures by Moishe Ben Moishe- ‘’The meeting between me and my creator’’- the power of tefilla.

·         Motivational lectures ‘’The power of Teshuva’’- recognizing the good in every person.

·         Cleanse our hearts- Practical solutions to purify mind and soul.

Cheshvan/November – The Me within the group – finding individuality amid the collectively

·         Rosh Chodesh event- group formation

·         Winter has arrived. Subject: no raindrop touches the next. Each with their own life path.

·         The power of a group- how to utilise the inherent resourcefulness of a group.  

·         Activities for the ‘’Yom Hazikaron’’ of Maran Rav Ovadiya Yosef Z’’tl.

·         Time to talk and a time to whisper- the strengths of Mother Rachel- when it is important to talk and when it’s crucial to remain silent.

Kislav/December Me and my friends

·         Bringing the light to light. – Bright activities to bring out the individual shine within social life.

·         In their days, in our times- the cultural struggles of our generation. 

·         Al Hanissim- We all experience miracles sometimes – let‘s talk about them.

·         An evening for families- spending time with their families.

·         An event of gratitude for our donors from France.

Tevet/January Me and the staff

·         Boundaries and between – the importance of boundaries between the staff and ourselves.

·          The Higher tier- the benefits of accepting authority

·         Time management– in time for the school test season- ideas how to cope with situations of high pressure.

Shvat/February My roots.

·         Activities on my roots- Connection to significant figures in the family past

·         Activities in anticipation of Tu B’shavt – the Chag of trees.

Adar/March Me and my family

·         Family visits to the dormitory to support family connection  

·         Purim market

·         Happiness event- with Rebbetzin Veredon the importance of happiness in life

·         Behind the mask- masks that we wear throughout the year

Nissan/April Me and my faith

Pesach- Chag of Emunah (faith)

From slavery to freedom- The importance of personal and inner freedom.

Iyar/May Me and my path

·         Sefirat H’aomer– The importance of finding the gems in the sand- positive thinking.

·         Our relationship to The state of Israel through religious spectacles.

·         Sessions of thought- series of sessions to discuss Jewish thought and Hashkafa.

Sivan/June Me and my faith

·         Graduation event


·         Summer camp – We will publish the program in the future  

Do you want to participate in the program in tribute to a loved one? Please contact us now.