Culture and leisure

With friends or individually with a game of thinking or an intensive sports game, the girls at House of Hope enjoy a large variety of options in their spare time, they just have to choose.


Incudes a quiet reading area, it allows every girl to enrich themselves with knowledge in any area they want or to cut off from routine by reading a spellbinding novel.

Game Room

A large selection of games for all ages to develop different areas. The councillors in the game room, play with the girls and provide additional activities; storytelling, art and social games.

Recreational activities

In addition to regular activities, we also provide special activities during our spare time. Shows, magic tricks, balloons, inflatables, jugglers and much more. These sessions help with social interaction between the girls.

Make them smile again

These precious girls were left without any sense of stability in their lives. At House of Hope, they receive everything they require: a supporting shoulder, nutritious meals, accommodation, loving care and acquire real life-long friendships. The upkeep and continues investments in of House of Hope costs astronomical sums with the majority of the activities, not state or otherwise funded.
Your kind-hearted donation will help us provide these young girls with what they truly deserve - just like we would like to give to our own children.