Take a partnership in their joy

Does money buy happiness? It’s the million-dollar question that has plagued humankind throughout generations. But here at the House of Hope, your donation will provide hundreds of girls with happiness and joy, it will transform their darkest hours into brightness and hope and give them the right experience to take into life.

Our high costs are mostly not budgeted by any governmental or other bodies, it’s up to us and our generous donors both in Israel and abroad to cover the cost of our amazing activities. With your heartfelt support, you too will become part of this great endeavour, allowing us to continue providing the girls with a perfect upbringing, just like you would provide to our own kids.


Dedicate furniture, appliances or activities in the name of your loved ones or for your own sake for success. The girls will be grateful and thankful every day

Bat Mitzvah

When your daughter celebrates her Bat Mitzvah, share the joy with the girls at House of Hope- perhaps, even make a joint event with our girls. The tears of joy will always be vividly remembered in your hearts

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Business owners, donate now and take part in monetary donations and/or subsidisation of supplies, services, repairs, carpentry, transportation, activities, gifts and sweets.