Extra circular activities

For most children, extra circular activities are generally more effective than regular learning sessions. It’s the place where the children can express themselves, choose their desired hobby and hone and perfect skills. At House of Hope, the girl can select their desired hobby and express their talent through many extra circular activities we offer. It also provides them with a sense of self-esteem and confidence. The activities are led by professional women.

Our activities

World of Music

Increases the senses, allows to bring out feelings, provides hours of entertainment and happiness and boosts self-confidence. The musical activities develop physical and mental wellbeing.

Voice lessons • guitar playing course • piano lessons

Sport activities

Generates to the general well-being, releases pent-up energy and helps to balance behaviour.

Creativity and Art

Develops motor skills, brings out feelings, helps ease tension and provides tranquillity.

Art courses • baking sessions

Dancing and acting

Boosts the participant's self-esteem and self-confidence, great for social skills and increases self-assurance in public.

Dancing lessons • acting sessions

English courses

Trigger’s curiosity, boosts self-confidence, increases opportunity in many areas.

Media and production

Generates creativity and imagination, brings out personal style. In the future, it can help to integrate it into a multimedia career.

Multimedia • photography and editing • filming and production

Make them smile again

These precious girls were left without any sense of stability in their lives. At House of Hope, they receive everything they require: a supporting shoulder, nutritious meals, accommodation, loving care and acquire real life-long friendships. The upkeep and continues investments in of House of Hope costs astronomical sums with the majority of the activities, not state or otherwise funded.
Your kind-hearted donation will help us provide these young girls with what they truly deserve - just like we would like to give to our own children.