Chana’s Story

Four years ago, I was not interested in anyone or anything. I was hermetically sealed in my own world. I was not interested in any form of social interaction. I didn’t converse or open my mouth at any social or learning function. It’s a condition known as selective mutism.

Feelings are something I didn’t connect with- Perhaps I was even scared of the idea of ‘’feelings’’.

I arrived at The House of Hope, without a house and with no hope whatsoever. The staff did not stop hoping and believing in me. They invested their heart and soul in me until I gradually began opening up and realising that I have friends that really cared about me. I reached more and more milestones and began socialising regularly. Without even noticing it initially, social life also helped me immensely with my grades.

Today, I am much stronger and connected to myself and my feelings and I dream of learning Hi-Tec, I am much more confident that I will succeed.