Personal experiences

Tova’s Story

When the home is under disintegration, we need someone to show dedication. But sadly, there was no one around to show care.

 About ten years ago, my parents divorced. The warm and loving nest suddenly disappeared. Even worse, the whole nest ceased to exist and the innocent little bird was left to fend for herself. After their divorce, both of my parents refused to accept me into their new home; I was left shattered, forlorn and broken to shards. No words can describe the feeling of a child abandoned by her parents.  

I felt guilty for the divorce and my self-esteem hit rock bottom. I knew that I have no one to turn to, even my parents couldn’t support themselves as they weren’t able to hold down a steady job.

I the darkest of moments, a light shone brightly. The house of Hope accepted me with love. With the help of the dedicated staff members, I began to believe in myself, I felt loved and in turn started to love myself again.  Even when I ultimately leave this home (I hope to attend a seminary to study teaching) I know that I can still count on the support of these lovely staff members, and I know that I am taking with me the most valuable thing in my life- the renewed belief in myself.  

Bat Sheva's Story

Everything used to be so different…

My father used to be a very known active volunteer of MADA, he used to attend accidents and tragic incidents to help out, and then return to the regular hustle-bustle of life. Everything changed once the intifada began and tragic terror attacks happened, due to the nature of the incidents my father suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), my father the strong figure, was now in-and-out of  psychiatric hospital wards.

My mother was worn out from all the sudden treatments and could not continue to care for us. She was not there for me when I was severely beaten by my brother and was left with a deep scar. I slowly refrained from going to school. I wandered the streets and began eating without control. I was going down a dark path.

From heaven, I was thrown a lifeline with the name: The House of Hope.

I was accepted with a smile and a huge hug. I was provided with a place to eat and sleep and even more- a place for my heart. A place to dream, a place to explore the things that I love, a place to cry and laugh and a place of happiness. It’s my place.