Giving them hope

The House of Hope provides the girls with more than shelter and accommodation. Throughout the years we have created a unique and comprehensive set-up whereby we provide the girls with everything they require; physical, mental wellbeing, emotional support, social interaction and learning development.

Building homes

A home is a family. Like every family, we accompany the girls from our home until they set up their own homes with happiness. When the girls reach marriageable age, we support them at each stage. Preparations for their wedding, outfitting, buying clothing and footwear, buying furniture and home supplies- we even provide a dowery. We provide funding for the wedding event; we represent the kallah’s family in every way. We’ve brought under the chuppah countless girls and each chassunah is a blessing on its own. Even after the wedding, we continue to support; keep contact and lend a listing ear to the fresh couple. During labour we will be there if support is needed- like we said, we are a real family.

Make them smile again

These precious girls were left without any sense of stability in their lives. At House of Hope, they receive everything they require: a supporting shoulder, nutritious meals, accommodation, loving care and acquire real life-long friendships. The upkeep and continues investments in of House of Hope costs astronomical sums with the majority of the activities, not state or otherwise funded.
Your kind-hearted donation will help us provide these young girls with what they truly deserve - just like we would like to give to our own children.