Avigail’s Story

Tell me, have you ever been close to home but felt so far away? If this comes across as strange, I will share with you my story.

I was born into a home here in Netanya, not far from where I am currently growing up and writing these lines. The home was everything other than a home, as I will explain.

My mother, the one-and-only- mother who is supposed to show us love and admiration- abused us constantly. She neglected me and my siblings, using verbal and physical violence on us on many occasions, even my poor father suffered under her abuse.

My father couldn’t take the abuse so he divorced my mother and left- leaving us all alone to suffer under her manipulation.  When the pain became unbearable, I simply escaped to our neighbour who knew me and my suffering well.

 After a couple of months living with my kind neighbour, she enrolled me into The House of Hope. It was the first time in my life that I felt what a home should feel like.

In The House of Hope, I was surrounded with care, love and special friends. I was helped with my studies and was even provided with new clothes. Indeed, sometimes the new loving home is not so far from the old home of misery. Thank you, Hashem, that I finally found my home.