An Emotional Bar Mitzvah

Last week, in the evening hours, our auditorium was echoing with sounds of joy and feverish dancing during the special Bar Mitzvah celebration of Uzi, one of the children residing at our emergency center

New Emergency Children’s Center-Working on “Hope in the Heart”

We are currently working hard on the establishment of “Hope in the Heart”—a dedicated emergency center that will respond to emergency cases for children who must urgently be taken out of their homes. The project will involve two residential units that will be a family format, with a view to the sea. One unit will […]

Avigail’s Story

Have you ever been so close to home but felt so far away? I was born in Netanya, not so far from where I am now, but that home felt nothing like what a home should be. I’ll explain…

Tova’s Story

When my family fell apart, there was no one to pick up the pieces. About ten years ago, my parents got divorced. The warm and loving place I once called home suddenly disappeared, literally. After their divorce, both my parents refused to…

Chana’s Story

Four years ago, I lost interest in anyone or anything. Sealed in my own world, I lost all interest in social interactions and became what people call “selectively mute.” I came to House of Hope with no sense of confidence or hope whatsoever…

Batsheva’s story

Everything used to be so different. My father was once a very active volunteer for MADA who’d race to the frontlines of any accident or terror attack, but once the second intifada began and terror attacks became our reality, everything changed. The constant exposure to the bloody terror attacks took a toll on my father, leaving him with crippling PTSD and a frequent patient in many psychiatric wards.