Comprehensive Schedule for 2022

A combined effort by our educational and professional teams: Elul/ September Group acquaintance – getting to know each other ·         Who am I?-  Getting to know the uniqueness of ‘’me’’ from each pupil. ·         Activities to start the ‘’subject of the year’’ ·         Me and the mirror- the importance to find oneself. ·         Personal map- detecting the strong and weak points traits by the […]


We are currently working hard on the establishment of “Hope in the Heart”—a dedicated emergency center that will respond to emergency cases for children who must urgently be taken out of their homes. The project will involve two residential units that will be a family format, with a view to the sea. One unit will […]

Avigail’s Story

Tell me, have you ever been close to home but felt so far away? If this comes across as strange, I will share with you my story. I was born into a home here in Netanya, not far from where I am currently growing up and writing these lines. The home was everything other than […]

Tova’s Story

When the home is under disintegration, we need someone to show dedication. But sadly, there was no one around to show care.  About ten years ago, my parents divorced. The warm and loving nest suddenly disappeared. Even worse, the whole nest ceased to exist and the innocent little bird was left to fend for herself. […]

Chana’s Story

Four years ago, I was not interested in anyone or anything. I was hermetically sealed in my own world. I was not interested in any form of social interaction. I didn’t converse or open my mouth at any social or learning function. It’s a condition known as selective mutism. Feelings are something I didn’t connect with- […]

Bat Sheva’s Story

Everything used to be so different… My father used to be a very known active volunteer of MADA, he used to attend accidents and tragic incidents to help out, and then return to the regular hustle-bustle of life. Everything changed once the intifada began and tragic terror attacks happened, due to the nature of the […]