Our home

is their only hope!

Leaving behind their broken pasts, hundreds of girls turn to House of Hope for a better future. By providing every child with their daily and long-term physical, emotional, and mental needs, our young girls are headed on a clear path to a successful future.

Here their future

looks bright!

A place they can call home.
Here at the House of Hope, we are one big loving family. We are a place where even in the most seemingly despairing moments, we look beyond the hardships, enabling every child and teen to develop, blossom, and reach the impossible.
From Hadassa, who grew up in a tough environment, to Chaya, who was orphaned from a young age, House of Hope is a place they can call home.

Make them smile again

These precious girls were left without any sense of stability in their lives. At House of Hope, they receive everything they require: a supporting shoulder, nutritious meals, accommodation, loving care and acquire real life-long friendships. The upkeep and continues investments in of House of Hope costs astronomical sums with the majority of the activities, not state or otherwise funded.

Your kind-hearted donation will help us provide these young girls with what they truly deserve- just like we would like to give to our own children

What We Do

Personal experiences

My mother was verbally & physically abusive. My father couldn’t stand it and left us all behind. My neighbor got me in touch with House of Hope. This is the first time I’ve really felt at home.” 


“I was what is called “selectively mute.” I came to House Of Hope with no sense or confidence or hope whatsoever.. The amazing staff never gave up on me. Today I am much stronger and dream of pursuing a career in the hi-tech industry. Without the help I received, I wouldn’t even dare to dream…”


“After their divorce, both of my parents refused to take me into their homes, leaving me broken, with nowhere to go. House of Hope welcomed me with open arms.” 


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Turn hardship into healing.

Join us today and transform broken homes into a House of Hope.

American Friends of House of Hope is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization,
registered under EIN Number 45-2721825. Contributions are fully tax deductible.

Bnei Yisaschar Street 9, Kiryat Sanz Netanya, Israel